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Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flag: starting off green low hazard and Purple sea pest flags
Surf: 1' to 2' Chop
Current Direction: North
Winds: north east 8-15 Knots
Weather Forecast: Partly sunny with 30% chance of afternoon thunderstorms
High Tide: 10:30am
Low Tide: 4:56pm
Sunrise: 6:56AM
Sunset: 7:44PM
Water Temperature: 77F
Air Temperature: 84F
Sea Pests: Jellyfish and Man O War
Hazards: Rip Currents possible during outgoing tide

Swimming Conditions: Fair
Snorkeling Conditions: fair
Surfing Conditions: may build




  • Green Low Hazard Flag: Low Hazard conditions; 100' from shore swim limit
  • Yellow Medium Hazard Flag: Possibly dangerous swimming conditions; 50' from shore swim limit
  • Red High Hazard Flag: Very dangerous conditions - Expert Swimmers and Surfers only
  • Double Red High Hazard Flag: Water Closed to Public
  • Blue/Purple Sea Pest Flag: Man-O-War, Jellyfish, and/or "Sea Lice" may be present
  • Orange Surfing Flag: Surfing only - No Swimming - Flown at designated surfing zones: (South-end of South Beach Park & North-end of Spanish River Park )