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Municipal Services

Municipal Complex

The Municipal Services Department strives to provide quality service to both the citizens of our community and internally, to the City of Boca Raton.  The following list identifies the various sections of the Department and their responsibilities:






Provides support and coordination to City staff and citizens in need of the multi-disciplinary functions of the department.  Secures funding for beach renourishment projects and oversees those projects.

FDEP approved Permit Drawings for the Dune Vegetation Management Plan.

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Keeps the Boca Raton Inlet navigable by clearing sand from the inlet west to the A-1-A bridge.  The sand is then transferred to the beaches south of the inlet where, historically, erosion has been a problem.

Recently, the North Inlet Jetty was repaired after hurricane damage.


Provides high quality, cost effective, landscape architecture, engineering and surveying professional services to the citizens and all City departments including project development and management services, design and survey services, project planning and development, construction project management and inspection services. 

A few current projects include:

  • Congress Avenue Street Lighting
  • St. Andrews Blvd. Multi-Purpose Trail
  • El Rio Canal Bike Path
  • Street Resurfacing
  • Dixie Hwy and Hidden Valley Blvd. – Traffic Signals
Facilities Maintenance  

The Facilities Maintenance section maintains all City buildings and related systems.  Services include, but are not limited to, carpentry, electrical, air conditioning, painting, and plumbing.  In addition to normal maintenance activities, Facilities Maintenance undertook special projects in the past year that included the renovation of the Teen Center’s restrooms to make them ADA compliant, completed installation of the City Hall Chiller using EECBG funds, and enhanced video security at City Hall, Spanish River Library, Sand Pine Park, and James Rutherford/Lake Wyman Park.


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The City’s Fleet Maintenance Section repairs and maintains 508 automobiles, 78 heavy duty trucks, and 367 pieces of equipment, that require fuel management.  This equipment includes all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, boats, tractors, and Class 8 large trucks.  Fleets inventory also consists of 19 hybrid vehicles.  The Fleet Maintenance section was awarded the A.S.E. Blue Seal of Excellence by the National Institute of Automotive Services.  Fleet Maintenance also maintains fueling equipment and monitors fuel for the various fuel sites throughout the City.

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Provides for the collection and disposal of solid waste, vegetation, and recyclable materials for City residents including weekly bulk trash collection.  In fiscal year 2009-2010 the Sanitation division collected 59,366,200 lbs. of garbage, 13,924,300 lbs. of recyclables, and 14,477,800 lbs. of vegetation generated by approximately 86,400 residents

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The Stormwater Division is responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Boca Raton’s stormwater system.   There are two important aspects of stormwater within the urban environment: Quantity and Quality.  The Stormwater Division maintains the City's system to provide adequate levels of flood protection and pollution prevention.  This is achieved in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the conditions of the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.  Stormwater Engineering responsibilities include program development and administration.  Stormwater Maintenance responsibilities include the sweeping of streets and right-of-ways, cleaning and repairing of storm drains, and controlling aquatic vegetation in canals and lakes.


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Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 617 lane miles of asphalt and concrete roadways, 25 miles of bike paths, and 360 miles of concrete sidewalks.  Our daily activities include pothole repair, vehicular accident cleanup, concrete sidewalk repair, barricade setup/takedown, graffiti removal, citywide furniture moving, and paver block maintenance. 

Working hand-in-hand with the Stormwater Management Team, we are constantly striving to provide a safe and efficient transportation, drainage network, supply equipment, and personnel to assist other departments within the City of Boca Raton. 


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Maintains the City’s traffic circulation system including traffic signals, signs, and markings.  Responsibilities include daily traffic operations as well as planning activities to accommodate growth and an ever-changing system, including traffic calming and bicycle/pedestrian functions.  A state-of-the-art traffic control room has been completed to enable real-time traffic monitoring and traffic signal control.

Please call (561) 416-3372 for questions related to signals, signs, roadway markings and requests for new or additional street lights.