Development Services Projects in Review Chapter 28 Zoning Code Code of Ordinance

Development Services

The Development Services Department's mission is to help maintain Boca Raton's superior quality of life by insuring quality development and redevelopment by: securing compliance with City codes and regulations; maintaining the integrity of residential neighborhoods; protecting the natural environment; and managing programs to support these objectives in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan, the Code of Ordinances, and the policies of the City.

Current Planning reviews development proposals for compliance with codes and regulations. Long-range Strategic Planning updates and maintains the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Zoning Office reviews signs, site plans, certificates of use, and other structure and use proposals for Code Enforcement. Building Inspection reviews construction plans and performs protective inspections of work in progress.

Code Enforcement secures compliance with City Codes and responds to citizen concerns and inquiries. Community Improvement manages housing and neighborhood improvement programs funded by the State of Florida and the federal government. Acquisition and Land Records maintains essential City land records and manages acquisition and disposal of real property, rights-of-way, easements and other land matters.

The City's current Comprehensive Plan and Map Series, including the Future Land Use Map, is located in the 2010 EAR Based Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan-City Council Adoption documents.